Monday, October 21, 2013

Thank You!

Dear Faithful Readers:

I did feel the power of your prayers over the last several days and I truly, truly enjoyed praying for you. I am astounded by how selfish I am at times and it was so wonderful to have an experience of praying for you without even knowing your names. I once heard that if you want to feel closer to your spouse, you should do thoughtful things for them. It stands to reason that praying for another's needs and peace of mind brings us closer to God. That was my experience.

There were a lot of obstacles to getting to Mass this weekend. I could feel myself being tempted even as I drove into the parking lot. I scooted in and took a seat on the aisle, thinking, even then, that I would slip out after communion. My sweet friend Gina saw me in church sans the family and left her hubby and boys to come sit by me. How faithful and wonderful is our God!

Then of course the readings were perfect for me in such a selfish state of life. "Come to church," said Father Alex, "because someone here needs your support for their prayers. Their arms are tired; they need you to hold them up." Have I thought of that at all these last few months? Of course not. It is the power of community, right? How often I have taken courage from the others gathered when my trials seemed to overwhelming. I have felt nestled in the community, cradled in their arms, when all outside seemed to be crumbling. What if everyone listened to that selfish whisper and stayed home to do their laundry instead?

So, it worked. Thank you so much. I have found my feet beneath me. I am committed to go with or without the company of my family - though I greatly prefer having their company. In truth, it amazes me that anyone reads this blog - since I have no official "followers." I am thankful for you prayer warriors who helped me overcome this temptation. Here is a little gift for you:

The story of the writing of this hymn is a gift in itself. Here's one version of the hubling story. I have not known suffering at all. God bless you.

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