Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Quick Lines about All Saints Day

Just a couple of quick notes about All-Saints Day so I remember this in years to come! It was our teams turn to feed the youth this weekend and we decided to do an "All Saints Day" theme. We decorated a huge room (the Pavillion at St. Williams) so quickly and easily I could barely believe it.

We covered all the tables in orange and each member of the team made 2 or 3 centerpieces; one trooper made six! We picked our favorite saints and pulled together a few items representing them. So, Saint Zita had cooking utensils, St. Catherine of Bolgna had art supplies, St. Lucy had candy eyeballs, etc.

For desert, we served cupcakes with Saints toppers. I used the "badge" templates found in my two Happy Saints Ebooks, made a ton of copies, cut them out with a circle cutter and taped them to coffee stirrers. We made 280 this way!  If we had needed fewer I would have done them double-sided.

What truly amazed me was how much the teens enjoyed and appreciated it. They seemed to have fun figuring out who their table saint was and trading the cupcake toppers! We did not expect such a big response from them.

I will have pictures soon and will come back here and add them.

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