Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Story of David and Dreena, and a Share of Discomfort

Since Christmas, the daily readings have been giving us the condensed version of the saga of King David. I love that these "David" stories come to us right after Christmas, when our New Year's resolutions help us keep up with the daily scriptures.

King David is alternately hero and scoundrel in these tales and well, so much like me. His crown is often tarnished! It's easy for me to be disappointed when David does something unthinkable -- a la Bathsheba -- or shows a profound lack of faith, as when he numbers the troops. "Disappointment" would be better characterized as discomfort, in truth. I am at "ill at ease" when David is so human. He exercises poor judgment, he is power-happy and greedy, he's impulsive, he's selfish . . . like me. Yuck.

Yet there is so much redemption in these stories. David always realizes his mis-step and gets back on the path to God. He shows great willingness to atone for his mis-deeds and a lot of character in owning up to them. Of course David didn't have the benefit of a Savior, so his penance came in the form of pretty severe consequences, some of which were also visited on his people. [An aside, I love the part where David chooses the consequence and then God, in His mercy, stops the destruction before the appointed time. Isn't that just like God?]

I am confident that when God chose David to shepherd His flock, He was fully aware of David's shortcomings. He had faith in him nonetheless.

What a poignant reminder this is for me. I am going to continue to make mis-steps and mistakes; at times I will turn my back on my calling and flagrantly rebel against my Lord and Savior. It always surprises me but I don't think it really surprises God. My part is to notice, to repent, to seek forgiveness and to strive to do better in the future.

If you have not had time recently to review this story of David, it bears a look-see. Maybe there is a little of David in all of us.

(The story begins with the January 21 Old Testament reading of 1 Samuel 16 and continues to today, February 6 in 2 Kings chapter 2)

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